It’s Too Late- They Have Reached San Francisco … Send Help

DCA Here We Come

Trio of Terror

Thank you to the NY Skyliners for loaning their drum major to us this year!

Skare’s Horn – A Documentary in Pictures

Urgh….Horrible Contra Condition
(otherwise known as HCC).
Not conducive to excellent performances or high placement at DCA.

This must be rectified.

But the question is…can we get it cleaner than mine?
I know many people would doubt it…

Say it can’t be done…

But we live to prove them wrong.
Although, these pistons may be held together by tarnish.

But it’s time for DCA – No time to screw around with this. Time to get to work.

I am spending my summer doing this activity – It’s time to kick ass.

I need my own show – “Pimp My Horn”

These pistons are officially ‘ridiculous’ – but I’m not surprised.

It’s time for DCA – Nothing surprises me.

This horn is ready to go to DCA – I hope everyone else’s is too.

Yup, cleaner than mine.

Now you’ll have to clean your horn…

You don’t want Skare’s horn cleaner than yours!

Watch out…

Multimedia message

Meet the Renegades — LA Tour 2007

WARNING: This video is Rated PG, due to one use of vulgarity by the narrator in reference to the weather in Canada, and two obscene gestures by evil twin bass drummer ninjas.

Review and Evil Video from Renegades LA Weekend 2007

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