Renegades in Musician’s Atlas

Musician’s Atlas asked me to write a piece about my work in the entertainment industry called “My Scene.” This was a little difficult to write, as it is inherently hard to write yourself without it coming across as “I am so Great.”

So, I talked about everything from Renegades, to getting shot at, to the rules I set up for myself when I moved to Los Angeles. I think it came out okay, or at least won’t put too many people to sleep when they read it. lol.

Check it out here.


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Drum Corps is Evil

I flew up to San Francisco for Renegades rehearsals this weekend. We got the ballad (My Immortal) on the field. The Vampire medallions are in, and the first of the 7 levitating coffins are in the opener. Speaking of which, the technology our resident engineer name Jed used to invent the levitating coffin illusion should be patented (really), as I’ve never seen anything like it. Once we get these fully incorporated into the show, the result should be Beatlemania.

So far, each piece of the 2007 show has been incredible, and this weekend was no exception. We have two camps before the first show, to add Stone Ground Seven, and then the closing piece of music. We didn’t have the closer figured out until Sunday morning, when Chris and I went into a Starbucks and mapped out a Genius ending to My Immortal (expect the unexpected).We have had some great shows over the years with Renegades, but if I had to pick one, and only one show, to represent all of my years with Renegades, My Immortal would probably be it. This show is on another level, specially from a theatrical standpoint.

The Key to Success for the 2007 Renegades, however, is getting the members to rehearsal. We have a drum line, we have a full maniac guard, and we got a fantastic horn line that is coming into its own as a force to be reckoned with. The downside is that rehearsal attendence, especially among the horns and drums has not been the best. Truth be told, it is hard for me to be critical of others, as my new-found 100 mph law practice has made it difficult for me to get to rehearsal as well. But, if the corps commits to getting to rehearsal, this will be the best Renegades corps to ever take the field at DCA, by a lot.

And you can quote me on that.


Reason #717 to March Renegades

The scenic veiw from Treasure Island is always better from the arc.

Come to camp this weekend…

Or we’ll send this guy after you….

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Still looking for a few good Contras, Snares, and a Bass Drummer.

Be there.

10 Reasons to Join Renegades

There are many reasons to march Renegades. For me below is a list of my top 10…..

1. You can get a great tan, while being outside for a few hours on the weekend.

2. Every camp something funny happens.

3. You can get a beautiful view of San Francisco, on a clear day from Treasure Island.

4. Everyone is working for the same common goal you are.

5. You can make a lot of new friends.

6. You can re-solidfy old friendships and memories.

7. Run around a field building up cardio endurance.

8. Spin, toss, dance, march, and play yourself into a frenzy.

9. You can march with some talented musicians

10. 2007 is our year. Don’t be the one sitting on the sideline wishing you could’ve, now you should.

**If you play a drum, cymbals, or a contra. We want you** You never know what adventures await at Treasure Island, come join the chaos….

Uncle Sam Says….

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