a new beginning

coming into the 2007 season, one didn’t know how many drummers would show up. Looking back on the 2006 season, having more drummers show up at open house than we had in May would be genius. Rest assured, we had an overflowing snare line, a full bass line, a small but growing tenor line and the return of the cymbal line. One of the most important things for me was to see the drum staff and their focus on making us the best we can be. It feels really good to have a staff that supports and drives us to succeed. I think the drumline is on solid footing right now, and I can’t wait for the January camp to see how much we have progressed since open house.

California here I come….

So who can I send my resume to so I can get a head start on the job search?

Yes, it’s true, I think I’m really going to take the plunge and move to California to march Renegades again – as a west coast resident as opposed to being a commuter. The East coast is bumming me out. Being a finalist for so many jobs and not getting hired is bumming me out. I will probably stick it out here until April or May at the latest if I can manage to make some money temping and bartending and to continue to work with the Skyliners, but I am definitely putting the plan in motion. I even have a place to live lined up.

I don’t know if I can make it out before then, but we’ll see. In the meantime Rock out and I’ll see youse all real soon.

Our pals, the Yokohama Inspires.

Some Open House Photos

Sop Ladies
Enjoy a couple of photos from Open House 2007.

See you at January camp,

- Greg

Reason to Join Renegades, # 516.

In the Renegades, we only use the very finest percussion equipment.

Pssst. We bought new chimes last year. :)

Humble Beginnings

The Renegades take the field at Pacific Procession in Spartan Stadium in July, 2000

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