10 Days until 2007 Open House!

10 = Number of days until the 2007 season begins! Woo hoo!!

Tip: Did you know there’s a big party on Saturday night of Open House? The drum corps lounge will be rock’n with brand new 2006 championship DVDs from both DCA and DCI!

Don’t miss this weekend of fun!!

See you at 2007 Open House on December 9-10,

- Greg

It’s a new Home Page! What do ya think?

The new Renegades.org website is ready for testing. It’s something a little different, incorporating our blog into the main page, along with music and a QuickTime animation.

I’m looking for more feedback, especially technical and such. And some more blog posts, would be great!

See you on the blog homepage,

- Greg

Happy Thanksgiving!

If Renegades ever ditch the black jackets/sunglasses thing and go with a Thanksgiving show, I’ve found the perfect hat!

Happy Turkey Day!

See you at Open House on Dec 9-10,

- Greg

2007 San Francisco Renegades Present:

My Immortal: From Dusk Til Dawn

Dusk, An Original Composition by Key Poulan

Stone Ground Seven 2007 (arranged by Ralph Hardimon)

Jazz Police (the Evil Mix)

My Immortal

Tocatta (intro)

“Mona Lisa Overdrive” and musical selections from the motion picture Resident Evil.