DCA 2006: Reflection in Time

DCA Recap 2006

I am enjoying my last few hours of time off before I return to life before DCA. Work. Today I have been futzing on the computer, uploading DCA, and random pictures from this last weekend. Hard to believe a week ago we left, and now we are back. Time sure flies when you are having fun. =)
I guess I can get sentimental and say that I have never had so much fun in my entire life. It was like my childhood addiction of performing was once again fed and that will stay with me forever. The show of Stairway to Heaven will never be the same. The drill will never happen again. It is a moment recorded in time, now a part of history. Those people who you stood next to, may or may not be there next year, but they were there this year. I am sure everyone had their share of drama between their sections, but would it be fun if there was no drama? Thats what keeps life interesting. Performing is what makes me feel somewhat complete. When I perform everything that has sucked or gone wrong, goes into that performance. I am just happy to be a part of the Renegades…. 7

I cant believe it!!!

I swore just yesterday we were having fun doing the Chinese New Year Parade and now were about to leave on a new Adventure for the 2006 season. Its been a rough season for myself as I jumped with the Renegades where i was between jobs and living in different places and loosing loved ones along the ride.. but i still stuck to it!!! No matter how painfull life was.. i always felt comfort with the Renegades.

I made some amazing new friends with this corps and they are not just people that i can say “I Marched With” but these are people that i can go to during the off season if i wanted to hang out.

Also.. I never performed with a corps with such power and reputation. I was always with the underdogs of Div II corps for DCI and still that was an amazing feeling.. but this time Im going to be performing in front of a crowed that may feel like a MILLION people. Yes i will admit… I am nervous about it, but the pride will kick in in about 700% more then i had before stepping on the field.

Im glad that I got this far and i hope my journey will continue and will learn more in life from it.

This will deffinately be an experience i will cherish as a “First Time” experience!!

Rochester here i come!!!

signed AltoRawker


The angel Gabriel from Heaven came
His wings as drifted snow, His eyes as flame
“All hail” said he “thou lowly maiden Mary,
Most highly favoured maid,” Gloria!

2006 DCA Snare I&E: Be Afraid. Be Very Afraid.

3 Days Left

It is Monday August 28th, and I am sitting at work trying to calculate the stuff that my brain has to do before my behind leaves for DCA. In the past four months, I have been taken back to a place where I love…PERFORMING. I have met some awesome and talented people, who have taught me the meaning of living in the moment. I have also seen people overcome loss and grief so big that I cannot imagine finding the strength to do it. I have seen 20 people in the Guard want to continually be better, and who will stop at nothing until count 7, yes…count 7 is clean. I have learned that Performing never really leaves you. I have learned that perfection is at times a caviot to insanity. I also learned that Lee has a strong funny bone when knocked with a rifle. (Sorry again). I have learned that I am never to old to do what I love. Most of all I have learned that adversity does create strength and resilence among people. Most of all I have learned that I love this activity because of WHAT it does teach you at any age. It has taught me to never give up on myself or others around me. I have learned that despite challenges a small group of people can turn ripples in waves.

As I prepare to leave for my first DCA World Championships…many emotions are running through my head…nervous, excited, scared shitless, and most of all proud to be part of a organization that within the last four months has had to overcome a lot, but in the end we have pulled through and are ready to go show the East Coast what we are about. See you in Rochester

Last California Rehearsal of the summer

Many times I have heard people refer to drum corps as a big family. This past weekend showed me just that. Last week my life changed suddenly with the loss of my mother. Needless to say I was worried about taking off a week of rehearsal and having to play catch up this final weekend at Mars. I also realized that sometimes I’m too hard on myself and need to breath and relax more. As soon as I got to rehearsal I was overwhelmed by the support and love that I felt from my Renegade family.

This whole summer has been a challenge for the guard and somehow I think we’re pulling through. We had a great weekend!! Everyone was really working together and things are really happening now. I can’t wait to show DCA what we can do. It might have been a crazy summer but we are here and ready to be great!! I will just as proud as ever to take the field with my Renegade family.

It’s time to get on the bus. . . I mean plane!!!