It is Friday night at 11:02pm, and for some reason I really excited to go back to practice….for whatever reason…my brain and life feel most calmest at rehearsal..despite chaos and drama there is nothing better than picking up your equipment and doing what you love. With me there is almost that added expectation of doing everything to perfection and getting the drill sets correct the first time. I know it sounds stupid, but DCA is exactly 1 month and a few days away. I have not performed in front of a LARGE crowd in years….2001 WGI was it. I guess it is hard to believe that I am preparing to perform again, a dream come true. My knees may ache a little and I am sore after every camp, but in the end it is worth it. I always feel that performance is truly the one place where I feel at home, per se. For now I am going to enjoy the last few weeks of Drum Corp and watch is “stealth” into divaness. I feel at home performing, and I know for myself…I am not sure if I will have this opportunity again, so I want to live it up while I can. I want to know that if I were to walk out on the field tomorrow and had my last show, that I would not lose or sacrifice any moment of uncertainity and just go for it. For me that means not analyzing every count as I run thru it, but savoring for the moment that it is, and that for me is what it is about. Until tomorow…See you on the cement=)


I now have the entire show memorized.

Give me a Drum and Get the Hell Out of My Way.

Never Thought

Since this is my first year in Renegades Color Guard, I was not sure what to expect. I had seen Renegades for the last few years, when I would go watch all my friends who marched Drum Corp. I was never a Drum Corp baby. Give me climate control any day. My coming to Renegades was even more odd than ever. Miss Emily talked Olyvia, Elaina and I to coming to the first April camp when we saw her at CCGC (Winter Guard Championships) . Mind you I have not spun OUTSIDE since the fall of 1995 when I did my last field show and my last competitive indoor season was 2001 Raiders World, so feeling out of a it was a little scary. After the first camp I was hooked. I guess the passion performing something to perfection never leaves you. After a few camps of being sore. and relearning what it meant to do drill and work together. I finally felt like I was back when I first fell in love with the activity.

Of course with anything that goes there is DRAMA with a Capital D, but it would not be color guard or Corp without it. I was more impressed by the tenacity of the color guard to never give up and the hands that some of the members in the guard have. Must respect and admiration because they toss their stuff and “bam” own it.

As the ending of season 1.0 approached, I was feeling a little sad and a little nostalgic, because I had not had the best of shows. I am my own worst critic, but everyone keeps telling me…”wait till DCA.” thats when I know Renegades will be at their best. For me performing was something that I thought I had to close the door on, but with Renegades I have found my happy medium which is sharing what I know and love with others. I have to say that the Renegades have been most welcoming and opening, and for that I thank you. Season 2.0 here we come…..

"The Jaw Repair Team"

So today was an interesting day. As many of us Renegades are just tired because its Friday, long work week, some worked on Friday, no full marching run thru, TRAFFIC!!! All those factors can put a persons day down the trash But something happened at warm up that put my mind out of that thought process and actually was enjoyable to do.

I guess it was the Kids! Yup i said it the Junior Corps kids.. They freakin Rock! You know, i don’t ever remember seeing other Drum Corps kids hyping so much on a stand still while i was performing. No offense to the years and corps i marched with. But this night was just amazing… I swear we need to have a new Renegades team out there during such nights like tonight.. a team i would like to call the “Jaw Repair Team” well because the Junior Corps members had their Jaws dropping to the floor! LOL

Even tho, i think i played my chops out during that stand still (yup right before the actual performance) i think it was all worth it. Just watching the others out there walking back to there buses and then stopping and actually seeing different Corps mixing together in Half Uniform but uniformed in the expression they had on their faces…


Thank you JESTER, SCV Cadets, Hawthorn Gold, & many other visitors who had their Jaws to the floor! You made my night….

We’re Back.

Preview of the L.A. Tour

Here is a picture of one of the many photos from the LA Tour..

7am and leaving for LA

Here we go.. on my first tour with the Renegades.. actually on the bus right now. Glad to be leaving with the Renegades. 24hrs of work this week and finally leaving for LA.

But lets just say that leaving at 7!! yeah 7.. we are running quite late. Well because Mr. U Suck come late.. lol just playing Rick.. Welcome to the Corps, we wouldnt leave you behind.

But yes.. finnaly leaving the Bay area and ready to attack whats ahead of us. I dont know what to expect.. so guess that goes for another Blog in the near future..