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so it’s been a wild and crazy ride so far for me this season. i started out on bass 5 in december and now as of last camp i’m on bass 1..crazy no?? well, if there’s one thing i’ve learned in drum corps it is to expect change…CONSTANT change. it can be challenging at times but if you have the right attitude it can also be fun. and with the Renegades, it’s not just change it’s chaos. you’ve heard us talk about or mention it. we thrive on it, i don’t know why, maybe because we had to fight for everything when we first started. so, the next time you have sudden changes in your life or in drum corps just look at it as a little bit of chaos and maybe it’ll bring a smile to your face.

May Camp #1 Big Success

Woo hoo! Another successful camp behind us! Some random notes:

- After seeing the “Stairway to Heaven” drill on the field for the first time, the phrase-of-the-day… “Jay Muphy is a genius.”
- This year’s corps learns drill REALLY FAST!
- This will be the best Renegades guard ever. Period.
- Having Joe, one of the original 7 Renegades, back in the baritone section is a major hype (where is Stomper?).
- Having R2, 2004 I&E Contra Champion, back in the contra section is a major hype (where is Tats?).
- Seeing Jake, legendary bass drummer, back in the bass drum line is a major hype.
- Backing up the pit trailer is a LOT harder than it looks.
- When it’s warm out, Treasure Island is one of the most beautiful places in the world.

All in all, a very successful camp! Good job, everyone.

See you on the 50,

- Greg

Renegades Camp, May 6-7

Treasure Island, CA.

Join us in putting the most Evil and intense show in Renegades’ history onto the field.

More info at


LMS 7 Review … now on Blog 7.

Lee and Eddie the Rat Bonding!!!!!

That is just a sneak peek of the photos from LMS 7!!!

Great job to all….
now its time to rumble around Treasure Island next weekend…