Red Shirts!!!

It’s here!!!!

It’s here, it’s here, it’s here!!! My red shirt for CNY (Chinese New Year) is finally here! In fact… it’s here a good five days BEFORE said I should expect it so I feel quite rewarded in my purchase. It was a great bargain, fits well and will look GREAT!


I found out today that my eldest daughter gets to go to the parade WITH ME!!!!! WOOHOO! L* gets to hang out with the Renegades for a day! WOOOOOOOOT!!!

paradiddle, paradiddle, paradiddle, diddle

It’s only February and already drum speak has taken over my mind. In between camps that’s pretty much what I’ve been doing-practicing, practicing and yes, practicing some more. This is my first year playing bass drum and I’ve got a long way to go to make the line. Even though I’ve been told I’m in, I want to feel that I’ve earned the spot. I guess it’s like most things in life you achieve-you crave that feeling of accomplishment. Kind of like learning a show in the winter and come Labor Day weekend you look back and go holy cow, look how far we came!! Tonight I’m at work killing time and one of my friends says to me you’re walking around aimlessly with something on your mind. I said I know, I’m practicing. He just smiles and says o.k. Yeah, it may have looked strange, but I didn’t care I have drum speak on the brain!

Loud IS Good!

So… I was at my son’s school the other day to pick the little man up. Who should I see in the parking lot, but one of mom’s best friends, a very conservative lady. She was just pulling in with a friend to pick up her son. We chatted briefly as her friend left and she glanced at my shirt then said laughing.

“My friend saw your shirt and said, ‘wow…now there’s a shirt you’d NEVER wear.’”


I looked down at my shirt…Loud is Good prominantly displayed across the front of my jet black Renegades jersey.

“Well then… she just doesn’t get it.” I replied.

LOL… Loud IS good!


Camp!! Camp!! Camp!! Camp!!

Guess what I’m doing this weekend??? *bounce, bounce*

Well, of course i’m spending another long weekend with the Renegades, but it does fly by so fast! More music is heading our way, as we’re still pounding through the stuff we played through 3 weeks ago. Has it really only been 3 weeks?!?!?

Then SUPER BOWL PARTY on Sunday!! Whoohoo! Who will win? I dunno!! Who cares? There’s beer!!

And next weekend, the Chinese New Year’s Day Parade is upon us! We have wannabe “Renegades for a Day” coming out from across the U.S. just to come hang out with us!! How Cool is that? Cats are coming all the way out from Maine, New York, Florida, Kentucky, Las Vegas!! I know I can’t wait to meet everyone … it should definitely be good times!

Oh, and the afterparty is ALWAYS … um … well … pretty crazy. :)

So … quit your excuses folks … come check us out this weekend! You don’t have to come to play, but come to watch. I must warn you though: The music will suck you in …

How Low Brass Sees High Brass

We’ve all had a run through that has felt like this.

Just Click Here to see what I mean.

Blog 7 review of the DCI Panel Discussion.

Have You Seen Marlina?

She was last seen at a ski resort in Pennsylvania being felt up by a Hooters girl and hanging out with some guy in a Tigger outfit. If you have any info on her whereabouts, please send it to Todd Oliver. He was asking around about her the other day between fits of spouting something off about a f*cking Cheeseburglar or something.

Anyway, on to the reason we’re all here.

To make Greg happy that people are posting in the blog.

For the noobs, please allow me to introduce myself (I’m a man of wealth and taste…).

The name’s Dave. I’m a marching guy. Nice to meet you.

I’ll be around occasionally, spouting off about this and that, or that and this, but mostly this and that.

Speaking of the Tigger outfit, here’s something that I can put in my personal hall of fame: I uploaded a pic of the costume in question on Myspace the other day (those who are wondering what I’m talking about…check out the Crunchy Frog pics from 04), and within 10 minutes, some random dude from NY sends me a message saying something like “you should be shot for wearing that outfit, you f*ckin’ homo!”

At least I think that’s what he said. The way the guy wrote, it looked like he was trying to speak Esperanto or something.

Anyway, that’s enough drivel from me. See you on the field ($1 to Gilman).


p.s. I took a voiceover class last year from the guy who does the voice of the Hamburglar. (Really!)