picking up where CJ left off…

…am not quite so sunburned as certain altos who thought their dark skin would protect them against the sun ;p …but sunburned enough to realize that I may need additional applications of sunscreen next camp across the back of my neck and shoulders.

…am very glad I got to play with Princess this weekend! She is a sweet girl!

…am thrilled the show is coming together the way it is. The guard is freakin’ AMAZING, waving those flags about the way that they do. O.O I’m sure there are those in the guard who can’t believe that we’re able to do what we can with our horns wilst marching simultaneously, but boy-howdy do those girls and guys know how to use their equipment. Impressive stuff!

…am beyond thrilled at hearing our ballad put to drill! Wow…that’s going to be one uber-powerful piece of music, oh yes it is!

…am glad that everyone had smiling, happy faces at the end of camp. there was a lot of hugging and laughter afterwards (as well as hustle to get everything packed up and off the island)… the hard work is paying off.

*hustles off to work on sectionshirts* up first… ALTOS! ;p