Rain Rain Go Away!

I remember someone telling me that it only rains in California from January through mid April. Wow, was that wrong!!

This past weekend was a tough one for the guard but great at the same time. I still say this is the most talented guard I’ve ever spun with and I love it. We learned so so so much work and then learned drill. Spinning wet flags/rifles and turning soggy drill charts just isn’t something that I enjoy doing that often! It was great to fix some of the drill issues this early in the season. Change isn’t a bad thing and change in May is way better than in August. The uniform measurements were taken which is awesome because it means that show time is just around the corner!!! The uniform measuring was ironically at the same time as we celebrated our beloved Spike’s birthday by eating birthday cheesecake. . .

So even with the rain and the wind this weekend on top of our scrambled overloaded brains, it was definitely a successful weekend for the colorguard and I can’t wait till June!!