Renegade for a Day…

I can’t begin to express what fun it was taking my eldest daughter with me to spend a day with the Renegades. For my little ones, spending time with the Renegades often means having to sacrifice time with them. It’s a huge sacrifice… I love spending time with the little tykes… so getting a rare opportunity to bring one of them along for a performance is a wonderful treat. My sweet girl did GREAT! She got to help carry the banner way up in the front of the corps, got scared by some fire crackers, and got to spend the evening at the post parade party with all the grownups. She said it was some of the most fun she’s had!

…and no…that’s not a giant blue bow (or anything else like it) on my head. LOL! ‘s a coat resting on a wagon in the background but with the darkness it certainly made me go ‘o.O’ LOL!