Renegades Summit Report

 Sunday, October 20, 1:00 – 5:00pm



Greg Gilman’s House


What Happened:  

We had a great meeting with close to 30 people in attendance, all concerned with the future of the organization.


Decisions made:

  1. The Renegades are not going to fold. It didn’t even come up.
  2. One of the top priorities for the group is to continue raising money to pay off old debts.
  3. The Renegades are going to continue hosting great events – Chinese New Year parade, Renepalooza, the Fremont 4th of July parade, the LOUDest Show on Earth, Vegas and more.
  4. The Renegades are very interested in putting out at least one SoundSport group (if not two or three). It is very possible that a show created for this arena could be expanded to a field show, largely depending on how many bodies we have!  If YOU would like us to be on the field, we need YOU to be a marching member!
  5. The Renegades will be working more closely with the Santa Clara Vanguard in the person of Al Yeh, Renegades Alumni and newly hired Operations guy for SCV.
  6. The Renegades will be supporting the Jim Ott Brass Ensemble by giving them all of our two valve G horns and loaning them other various equipment. We are also supporting two local drum lines through the loan of equipment.
  7. Chris Nalls will act as liaison to DCI and DCA.

In addition, we called for volunteers for next year’s board, which will assemble at the end of October. Several of these fine folks will also serve as a committee to plan for the future of the corps, including returning to the field and to DCA in the future. Interim corps director Chris Nalls and the current board (Lee Sowers, Tiffany Carrico, Madge and Ray Sanchez, and Neil Bliss) were thanked for their efforts in keeping the corps together through this past year.


Anyone interested in being part of the Corps or the Board for the coming season should send an email to Please help keep our corps alive through a donation of time, materials or money.
2014 Renegades Board candidates: Keith Potter, Rich Duarte, Joe Lewis, Josh Bryan, Mike Repucci, Roland Bough, Omero Rodriguez, Jedediah Roach, Tiffany Carrico, Neil Bliss, Jeff DeMello, Al Yeh, Lee Sowers, Madge and Ray Sanchez.