Stomp Blog

Well this evening I found Greg (aka “Gilman”) online, and he has (in his usual way) convinced me to post on this blog. Exciting. Time consuming. Always Entertaining.

He also convinced me to create “Stomp Blog”. This is a very Stomper-like statement, but I feel a little like Leonard Nimoy. He released a book titled I am not Spock detailing why people should, in short, leave him the hell alone. Later he decided that ‘Hey, being Spock is kind of nice, and the movie deals aren’t bad either’ and released I am Spock. No one read either, but it fits my predicament. I have wrestled with acceptance of “Stomper” for a long time, and although I don’t have a movie deal (yet), being a peusdo-online-drumcorps-cult-celebrity is very intriguing.

So unless I come to my senses, I will have a blog that will involve me stomping a different item each post, and featuring it in some odd way with verbage. On the short list- George Hopkins, and a CD of menudo (I don’t own one…I am sure someone has one as a coaster that they can donate) .