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2004 Goodbye Blue Skies: The Triumph of Evil Performance DVD
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2004 Goodbye Blue Skies: The Triumph of Evil Performance DVD
In 2004, the San Francisco Renegades fielded their strongest corps to date, performing their blockbuster production, entitled Goodbye Blue Skies: the Triumph of Evil. Arranged by Julliard-trained musician Ed Teleky with Chris Nalls, Dave Watrous and Lee Rudnicki, “Goodbye Blue Skies” literally picks up where the corps’ 2003 production of “Red Skies at Night” left off and continues the epic saga of the conflict between Good and Evil. The 2004 show opens with Bizet’s “Death Theme” from the opera “Carmen”, combined with the climactic Matrix battle between Good and Evil, a scene that had drum corps fans on their feet during the Renegades’ 2003 performances. Paul Winters’ “Appalachian Morning” and “Anthem” by Rush are interpreted by the percussion section. Next up is Buddy Rich’s “Channel One Suite” with “Goodbye Blue Sky” by Pink Floyd featuring the brass in a gorgeous antiphonal setting. The Renegades’ 2004 program concludes with “Navras” from the Matrix Trilogy by Don Davis. This Special Edition DVD contains the following Renegades performances: • Drum Corps Associates Word Championships • Drum Corps Midwest Championships • Renegades Family Day • Loud Music Symposium 5 • Bass Drum Ensemble • Crunchy Frog

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