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The Trilogy - Renegades 2003 - 2005
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The Trilogy - Renegades 2003 - 2005
In 2003, the San Francisco Renegades performed Red Skies at Night: Midnight in the Stadium of Good and Evil, a show about the universal conflict between Good and Evil.

From the opening fanfare, Red Skies at Night both shocked and stunned the crowd at the 2003 DCA World Championships. Overnight, the Renegades became one of the most popular and elite Drum Corps in the world.

In 2004, the Renegades epic battle of Good and Evil continued with the production of Goodbye Blue Skies: The Triumph of Evil. The 2004 Renegades featured one of the most talented hornlines in drum corps history, exotic percussion instruments and an evil color guard that remains controversial to this day. Twice during the 2004 season, the Renegades received no less than six standing ovations in one performance.

In 2005, the Renegades design team (Chris Nalls, Lee Rudnicki, Ed Teleky and Dave Watrous), completed the Trilogy with the brilliant and breathtaking production of Days of Future Past: The Beginning. In stark contrast to the musical onslaught that began the other shows in the trilogy, the Renegadesí 2005 production began with a pristine and angelic vision of the universe before Evil was introduced, told through the beautiful music of Ave Maria.

Now, for the first time, enjoy the Renegades Trilogy in the order it was meant to be seen.

Special Features:

  • Three Full Length Performances
  • High Cam or Multi Cam Video
  • High Quality Audio
  • Commentary tracks
  • View by Year or in Trilogy Order

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