Sunday Night Bingo – Up and Calling!!!

Vanguard Hall … Bingo & Drum Corps. It’s a beautiful thing …

“PAPER!” Imagine yourself as as a bingo volunteer, strolling down the aisle and calling out a service for the customers.

“CHERRY!” A customer turns his head, but is looking for a different item to purchase.

“FLASH!” A flash customer hears your call and gestures for you to approach her table. After she purchases your last 20 flash cards, you make a dash back to the main desk for a refill. You have just sold your first round of flash cards and realize that you’re pretty darn good at this. Volunteering for bingo can actually be fun!

On Sunday night, April 6th, Renegades initiated their very own newly added additional bingo session dedicated to Renegades & NorCal Cheerleading at Vanguard Hall. In partnership with Santa Clara Vanguard, the Renegades & NorCal’s bingo session was a complete success.

Darryl Coleman, Renegades Bingo Manager commented, “The turnout was amazing! The lines for the new session started forming almost as soon as we finished the afternoon sessions. It was a truly wonderful sight to see my fellow Renegades in action including: Mike, Amy, Joe, Tiffany, and Sara. They were all supporting this evening along with the wonderful Nor-Cal volunteers. I definitely believe that these evenings are going to be something special, simply because the very first game of the evening was won on the number 7! I look forward to the following weeks when more of my fellow Renegades will be on the bingo floor.”

The Renegades Sunday Night session bingo games are held from 5 p.m. – 9 p.m. every Sunday evening at the Santa Clara Vanguard Corps Hall.

Come join the fun! Corps members, Alumni, Friends and Family can all help your local Renegades with this ongoing fund raiser. It makes for a greatly satisfying evening while helping the corps out.

To sign up, or for more information, please e-mail:

– “Colorguard Al” Yeh

The Lines of Bingo-goers are ready to PLAY BALL!!

Sandra, SCV Bingo Manager

Sara waiting for the action to begin …

Tiffany throwin’ her lucky 7′s!

Mike wheelin’ & dealin’ – flash cards, that is!

Joe flashin’ a 20 for some flashes!

Vanguard Hall … Bingo & Drum Corps. It’s a beautiful thing …

Lucky Number 7!! It’s a good day for Drum Corps – I mean – BINGO!!

Darryl is a masta at the mic!

Vanguard Hall … Bingo & Drum Corps. It’s a beautiful thing …

First Bingo of the Night!
If that’s not a sign, I don’t know what one is!