The 2008 Renegades Staff

Hello Renegades fans,

I”m very happy to announce the 2008 Renegades staff:

Music Arranger:
Key Poulan

Drill Designer:
Jay Murphy

Anne Bragstad
Jed Roach
Dave Leon
Jim Jackson
Dave Watrous

Vince Velasquez
Mark Metzger

Travis Gould
Roland Garceau
David Landers
Rich Duarte
Chris Nalls

Dan Hudson
Kent Cater
Thom Shearer
Lee Rudnicki

Front Ensemble:
Chris Correia

I’m very proud of this collection of individuals — one of the strongest staffs Renegades have ever had. Tell your friends… the stage is being set for a very successful 2008 season!

See you at Open House on Dec 1-2,

- Greg Gilman
Corps Director