"The Jaw Repair Team"

So today was an interesting day. As many of us Renegades are just tired because its Friday, long work week, some worked on Friday, no full marching run thru, TRAFFIC!!! All those factors can put a persons day down the trash But something happened at warm up that put my mind out of that thought process and actually was enjoyable to do.

I guess it was the Kids! Yup i said it the Junior Corps kids.. They freakin Rock! You know, i don’t ever remember seeing other Drum Corps kids hyping so much on a stand still while i was performing. No offense to the years and corps i marched with. But this night was just amazing… I swear we need to have a new Renegades team out there during such nights like tonight.. a team i would like to call the “Jaw Repair Team” well because the Junior Corps members had their Jaws dropping to the floor! LOL

Even tho, i think i played my chops out during that stand still (yup right before the actual performance) i think it was all worth it. Just watching the others out there walking back to there buses and then stopping and actually seeing different Corps mixing together in Half Uniform but uniformed in the expression they had on their faces…


Thank you JESTER, SCV Cadets, Hawthorn Gold, & many other visitors who had their Jaws to the floor! You made my night….