The Vibe….

My attendance at camp consisted of being at the first two hours to work the sign up table on Saturday and coming the last hour (“ensemble hour”) on Sunday.

2005 was my last season marching and I didn’t come around much in 2006 (other than doing work on the Board of Directors)…. being pregnant will do that to you I s’pose… so…..even though I’m not marching this year, after talking with Chris/Lee/Greg in the off season about how 2007 is going to go….even I’M excited for camp to start.

On Saturday, after talking to much of the staff and watching who (and in what sections) were coming in the door, I felt great about 2007. Not one person who walked in the door seemed trepidatious at all. Every single person was READY for 2007.

I did feel a little bitter/sweet pull on my heart –wanting to march, but I’m a new mommy and this year it’s just not in the cards for me. I’ll have to be happy with my work on the Board.

The Holy Trinity (a.k.a Chris/Greg/Lee) discussed the show concept with the corps. Mark Metzger already has work to teach the guard and sketches of costumes ready to go. The hornline has had music since the banquet and were ready to play within the first minutes of camp. But the one thing that warmed my heart the most, probably because I spent much blood sweat and tears recruiting for this section last year, was seeing an ample drum line.

That afternoon, as I was leaving the campus, JUST as I sighed and said to myself “I wonder if they’ll be ok this year” a girl walked up, horn case in hand, wearing a leaopard print and lace teddy over some tight jeans.

Yeah….. they’ll be ok.

And Miss Leopard Print and Lace Teddy….. I salute you. You RULE.

Sunday morning dawned (well, it dawned several times, about every three hours w/ a diaper change and a bottle feeding) but around 9:30am I receive a call from Lee. Where he informs me that at dinner the night before a girl from [deleted section] and another girl from [deleted section] started to [deleted] at dinner. They hadn’t even yet made it to the party at Gilman’s house that night.

Good sign. Very good sign. It’s also nice to know that I’ve passed the baton completely and someone else is stepping up to the plate to contribute to the Renegades Chaos Factor.

Sunday afternoon, I pack up Andrew and alllllllllllllllllllll his stuff (and the stroller for the first time) and head over to the school. I get there just in time for the brief break before ensemble rehearsal and alot of people get to meet Andrew.

Ensemble rehearsal starts and I cannot believe the guard not only has work….IT’S CLEAN work. It’s “Mark Metzger” work, so you’re using your elbows and changing your planes alot. There’s also alot of “Stinky Flag” moves…hard to explain…sorry.

The guard is not only doing the work, they’ve made the work their BITCH. Even the look on Mark’s face (who is very hard to impress) is priceless.

The horns and drums sound amazing. The excitement factor of the music reminds me of 2003. The feeling of electricity in the air amongst the musicians is palpable. I haven’t felt that in a while w/ Renegades. When the horns would go down, there were SMILES on faces.

I am so completely excited for the Renegades of 2007. And we fans are in for a treat as well. 2007 is TRUELY their year.

Sorry I don’t have more about the actual meat of the show. I wasn’t there that much. Just wanted to let you all know about the general “feel” of the corps this year.

And all of you on the fence muther effers. … I wouldn’t wait too long. That’s for sure.