This past Camp!!!

This past weekend was something ive been waiting for since performing with a DCI corps in 2001!! All I can is WOW. The feeling of running around the field, the confusion on peoples faces as we learn new drill moves, then playing on the field after learning it and actually retaining all of the information that we aquired slammed into our evil brains!!!

The sun was actually shinning…. The guard, The Horns, The Drumline & Pit all meeting up together as we only seen each other from a distance.

I was Extremely excited from this past weekend and now I remember why I wanted to march Drum Corps again… it is true, the View Is Better from the field! I dont care if it was a one person audience to a million people watching us. The difference is, I wasnt one of those guys watching from the outside dreaming how it would feel to have a horn in my hands again and running around the field with it! But actually pleasing the crowd, just like those guys riding their Bikes stopping to watch us practice. They even put a smile on my face because they were amazed from what they saw (even if they didnt know the technical side of it).. they were amazed!

Im doing it now and proud of doing it!

My evil little brain is forming now….