Day 1 has officially come to a close as 10 or so drummers cram into our room to check out the run-through video from tonight. Things are a little different for me this year, because this is the first time I have been to DCA, and not been a performer. Its really one of the first times I have ever been in front of the corps, just being able to listen, and let me tell ya, its a whole ‘nother ball game. This corps really does have the balls, and power that people have been talking about for years.

Day went real smooth, much smoother then previous “day 1″s. Every single corps member was there from minute one of rehearsal, and they showed up to play. Each section started out in their respective warm-up blocks, and we ended with a quick hour of ensemble and a mighty fine run-through.

I know I promised video, and trust me I have it. I took over an hour of footage tonight from the 4 hours they rehearsed. Ill try and get something up mid-day tomorrow, we’re just having some technical difficulties.

Anyway… Im gonna go to sleep. Didnt get the best sleep on the train last night, as I’m not exactly used to falling asleep in a hard chair. Heres a few status updates from members: