Two days until the first show!

The excitement is definitely building. This past weekend was a really good camp. Yes, we still have a lot to do and yes some are concerned that we’re not where they think we should be at this point in the season. You’ll always have that every year. From the video that a few of us watched last Sunday night over a gigantic order of cheese bread and ravioli, you can see that there are some great moments in the show. I know that we will be fine and that we will have a product on the field to be proud of for this early time in the season.

As a guard member this is always a fun part of the year. Uniform time!!! While we won’t get them quite yet for this weekend (they should be here very soon though) there are all the numerous makeup/sunglasses/hair discussions. I’m lucky to be marching with someone that works in my office so we just had the “sock bun” lesson in between phone calls. Now ½ of my office have been fully educated on how to make a “sock bun”.

For the next couple of days it’s taking care of the last minute things. Going over the flag work in your head and thinking about the drill. Checking to make sure all the supplies are ready – shoes, gloves, uniform pieces, bobby pins, safety pins, make up, sunglasses etc. etc. Remembering to pack the flags and or instruments in the car to take and getting the directions to the various rehearsal/show sites all mapquested out.

I can’t wait to be standing on the field in front of the hornline while they play the warm up cords and know that its finally show time!

Summer time is here!