We Need New Drums!

The Renegades need new drums, and YOU can help make it happen!

The Renegades drum line is larger at this point in the season than any line in recent memory. With sectionals being held outside normal corps rehearsals, the 2008 Renegades drum line is quickly proving to be a driving force behind what is sure to be a successful season.

However, as often happens in drum corps, the elements take their toll on the equipment a drum corps uses. For drummers, this is especially true. The wear and tear on our battery percussion instruments has been great, and we are in desperate need of a new set of drums. Unlike most junior corps, the Renegades aren’t fortunate enough to have a corporate sponsor who provides a new set of drums every year.

That’s where you come in.

Your tax-deductible donation to the Renegades will help us ensure another great season with the equipment needed to pull it all off. You can mail your donation to:

SF Renegades
660 4th Street, #237
San Francisco, CA 94107

or donate online at www.renegades.org/donate using Paypal (be sure to specify “drum fund” in the Papyal notes field).

Thanks for your help. We promise we’ll make it worth your investment.