Woo hoo! CNY is Saturday!

Renegades and friends,

Woo hoo! Our biggest winter event is finally here — the infamous Chinese New Year parade! The stage is set for an amazing weekend as numerous friends from across the nation are on their way to SF to join us in the parade. This is going to be a good one!

Below is a summary of all the necessary details needed to have a great day. As usual, this parade might get wet so come prepared, especially at practice on windy Treasure Island. Remember…. Renegades pride ourselves on being an all-weather drum corps.

Finally, I heartily encourage everyone to join us at Chevy’s after the parade for a good old-fashioned party. This is one of those rare times when we don’t have practice the next day, so it gets rowdy. A good chance to eat some yummy food, drink frosty beverages and bond with your drum corps friends. Good times.

See you on Treasure Island,

Greg Gilman

In This Posting
- Memorize All Night Long
- Treasure Island (noon)
- Chevy’s For Lunch (3:30pm)
- Parade Warm Up (6:00pm)
- Chevy’s For Dinner (8:00pm)
- Parade Attire Reminder
- Hotel Info
- Additional Parade Info
- Renegades Heros
- Have Fun!

Memorize All Night Long
It’s important everyone have their gig memorized by the time they get to Treasure Island at noon. Do yourself a favor, and brush up on things in the next couple of days:


Guard Work:

Treasure Island (noon)
Saturday, Feb 23, 2008
12:00 – 3:00pm

We will be having a short rehearsal on Treasure Island beginning at noon. Everyone marching in the parade must be there to set the parade block. Expect a short warmup, followed by a relaxed music/marching rehearsal.

For those who have never been to Treasure Island, you can get exact directions here:

Note: Be careful of that first off-ramp from the bay bridge — it’s a doozy!

Chevy’s For Lunch (3:30pm)
In the break between rehearsal and the parade, everyone is encouraged to have lunch at the Chevy’s in Embarcadero 2, which is a couple of blocks away from our warm up area:

Chevy’s Fresh Mex
2 Embarcadero Center
San Francisco, CA

Note: Be sure to get a flyer from us at rehearsal — lunch (and dinner) are Renegades fundraisers!

Parade Warm Up (6:00pm)
We will be meeting near the corner of Battery and Market at 6:00pm. It is important everyone is on-time, as we’re leaving as little “standing around time” as possible before the parade begins at 6:30.

Chevy’s For Dinner (8:00pm)
After the parade, it’s party time back at Chevy’s! This is when things get crazy… enjoy!

Chevy’s Fresh Mex
2 Embarcadero Center
San Francisco, CA

Note: Be sure to get a flyer — your Margarita is a Renegades fundraiser!

Parade Attire Reminder
Horns, Drums and Banner: Red, long-sleeved shirt, black slacks, all black dress shoes or sneakers.

Color Guard: Black shoes, black pants, black tops and green, orange, or red accessories of any kind. In the hair, scarf, and etc. Please make the accessories noticeable.

Hotel Information
Sir Francis Drake
450 Powell St
San Francisco, CA 94102

Reminder: When checking into the hotel on Saturday afternoon, be sure to return to the east side of the parade route before they start closing down streets (for instance, Chevy’s). We’ve had instances of members being “stuck” on the wrong side of the parade at warmup time. Not fun.

See this interactive map of the day’s locations for details:

Additional Parade Info
Official Parade Site:

Renegades CNY Site:

CNY Interactive Map:

Renegades Heros
- Al and Robin: A big thanks to both Al and Robin for taking care of the many details involved with getting us in the parade. Meetings, paperwork, phone calls… it’s a lot more work than most folks realize. Additionally, don’t miss the amazing drum major costumes they found for us.

- Tiffany: Additionally, a big thanks to Tiffany for setting up our Treasure Island rehearsal (including porta-potty) and our all-day fund-raiser at Chevy’s (including flyers). Great job!

- Anne: Everyone marching in the CNY will get a special, limited-edition patch featuring a very cool stylized Rat. A big thanks to Anne for making these happen — they came out great!

Have Fun!
The Chinese New Year parade is historically one of our wildest, craziest, most exciting events — even in the rain! Every year we wow the crowd. Every year something wacky happens. Every year we have a GREAT time bonding with our drum corps friends from across the country. Have fun — this is going to be a blast!