WooHOO! It’s here… the competative season is here! I’ve got my uniform and horn ready, I’ve double checked the hardest of my parts… I’m ready. I know it. Now it’s just hydration, hydration, hydration… with a bit of carbo loading thrown in just to keep those ol’ energy levels up because… let’s face it… I’m not 18 any more. o.O

Regardless, my entire existance currently consists of my children and the Renegades. Morning, noon, and night…there they are impacting absolutely everything, even my creative outlets! :D But I have to say, how can I not be? I get to perform with some of the best musicians (and dancer/performers) out there. We’ve got a hornline that simply rings out when everyone’s locked in together. It’s amazing stuff… and within that hornline there are a number of very lovely ladies, giving it their all. Some of them are my dearest friends, all of them are GREAT people and amazing musicians!

…more zany reneart soon to arrive!