The San Francisco Renegades present: Opus 7

Led by conductor Chris Nalls, Opus 7 will be performing their 2014 show, “Legends,” featuring ‘Open Up Wide’ by Bill Chase and ‘Give it One’ by Maynard Ferguson.

Music arranged by Ed Teleky and Joey Pero.

Featured players – Roland Garceau, Mark Kelly, Scott Stansfield.

The Renegades would like to give special thanks to Joe Wilt and Prime Time Brass, without whom this performance would not be possible.

The show is dedicated to all Renegades fans past and present – you’re the ones that make it all worth it!

AUGUST 30,2014 – 6PM

Renegades board of directors name Keith Potter as corps director

The board of directors of the San Francisco Renegades is excited to announce that Keith Potter has been chosen Corps Director for Renegades 2014.

“Since 2003, Keith has been an exemplary member, on and off the field,” said Raymond Sanchez, acting board president.

The Renegades board of directors, who voted unanimously, were not the only people in the organization enthusiastic about the news.

“I think the board made the right decision. He is not only a longtime member, but more importantly he knows and loves the corps,” said Rich Duarte, Brass Caption Head. “His positive, unrelenting attitude is exactly what the group needs. His motivation and dedication really is representative of the group we both love. People come to the Renegades for a reason, and Keith understands those reasons.”

When the board announced it’s decision to the candidates, Potter seemed poised and ready to take up the mantle of director. “I’m very excited about being selected as the new corps director,” Potter said, “and can’t wait to help usher in a new era of the San Francisco Renegades.”

Renegades Summit Report

 Sunday, October 20, 1:00 – 5:00pm



Greg Gilman’s House


What Happened:  

We had a great meeting with close to 30 people in attendance, all concerned with the future of the organization.


Decisions made:

  1. The Renegades are not going to fold. It didn’t even come up.
  2. One of the top priorities for the group is to continue raising money to pay off old debts.
  3. The Renegades are going to continue hosting great events – Chinese New Year parade, Renepalooza, the Fremont 4th of July parade, the LOUDest Show on Earth, Vegas and more.
  4. The Renegades are very interested in putting out at least one SoundSport group (if not two or three). It is very possible that a show created for this arena could be expanded to a field show, largely depending on how many bodies we have!  If YOU would like us to be on the field, we need YOU to be a marching member!
  5. The Renegades will be working more closely with the Santa Clara Vanguard in the person of Al Yeh, Renegades Alumni and newly hired Operations guy for SCV.
  6. The Renegades will be supporting the Jim Ott Brass Ensemble by giving them all of our two valve G horns and loaning them other various equipment. We are also supporting two local drum lines through the loan of equipment.
  7. Chris Nalls will act as liaison to DCI and DCA.

In addition, we called for volunteers for next year’s board, which will assemble at the end of October. Several of these fine folks will also serve as a committee to plan for the future of the corps, including returning to the field and to DCA in the future. Interim corps director Chris Nalls and the current board (Lee Sowers, Tiffany Carrico, Madge and Ray Sanchez, and Neil Bliss) were thanked for their efforts in keeping the corps together through this past year.


Anyone interested in being part of the Corps or the Board for the coming season should send an email to info@renegades.org. Please help keep our corps alive through a donation of time, materials or money.
2014 Renegades Board candidates: Keith Potter, Rich Duarte, Joe Lewis, Josh Bryan, Mike Repucci, Roland Bough, Omero Rodriguez, Jedediah Roach, Tiffany Carrico, Neil Bliss, Jeff DeMello, Al Yeh, Lee Sowers, Madge and Ray Sanchez.

The Renegades are ramping up for next year, and we’re making changes for the future!

Chris Nalls has ably served as our Corps Director this past year, and now is ready to take on new challenges.  With Chris’ departure, the corps is seeking qualified and enthusiastic candidates to lead the corps’ creative On-Field efforts.
If you’re interested, or have a great suggestion for someone we should approach, drop an email to info@renegades.org!

Fremont 4th of July Parade

July 4 Fremont Parade
Join us to march in the Fremont Parade! 
We will be performing In The Stone at the July 4th parade. Any and all Renegades should plan to join us for this parade. We are always a hit with the crowds at what one of us has called the Shortest Parade on Earth.



Thursday, July 4: 9:30am-noon
State Street & Capitol Avenue parking lot
Meet for warmup at the back of the vacant lot, near Fremont Street.

The parade route starts at State Street and Capitol Avenue, then right onto Paseo Padre Parkway then right onto Walnut Avenue and next right onto Liberty Street and ends on Beacon Avenue at the corner of State Street.


Brass and percussion will be wearing black Renegades shirts and khaki shorts or pants. Guard and Honor Guard should wear white shirts and blue jeans with red accents.


There is plenty of parking around the route perimeter. Parking inside of the route is not recommended, as the streets are closed off from 7amuntil about an hour after the parade ends.


Renegades Camp July 6-7

July 6-7 Camp 
Our next camp is going to be a blast! 



Saturday, July 6: 10am-6pm

The Kings Academy 562 N Britton Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94085

Subject to their availability, our staff will be some of the amazing teachers that have been working with us so far this year:


Brass: Rich Duarte, Roland Garceau, Joey Pero, Chris Nalls

Percussion: Kevin Murray, Josh Bryan, Kent Cater, Stuart Miyasoto, Thu Powell Dave Glyde

Visual: Dave Watrous, James Jackson, Binh Tsao, Danielle Russell-Kline


All guard members interested in performing and helping to keep the Renegades on the field should send an email to director@renegades.org.


Download your music from www.renegades.org/members/music/parts.

Hang Out with the Corps

Saturday after Rehearsal

Jakes 174 E Fremont Ave, Sunnyvale, CA 94087


Renegades Reunion 

Sunday, July 7: 1-3pm

We will be playing our show music at the Renegades Reunion!

Potluck Picnic and Playing
Chilpancingo Park
Sunday, July 7, 2013
Reconnect with friends before attending or volunteering at LSOE later in the day. Bring some food to share, a blanket to sit on, plates & utensils, and a cooler with drinks and something to round out your meal for this laid-back potluck.
bring your instrument – we will get loud!


Sunday, July 7: 3:30-11pm

Diablo Valley College 321 Golf Club Rd, Pleasant Hill, CA 94523

A group of us will perform the Star Spangled Banner to open the show.

More details below!

Renegade Camp/Renepalooza 2013


Saturday, May 18: 10am-6pm 
Portola Middle School

Hang Out with the Corps

Saturday after Rehearsal

Elevation 66 Brewing Company

10082 San Pablo Ave

El Cerrito, CA 94530



Rehearsal & Performance

Sunday May 19: 11am-2pm, 2-6pm

Rehearsal at the park at 11am

Performance during Renepalooza 2pm-6pm


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