Camp!! Camp!! Camp!! Camp!!

Guess what I’m doing this weekend??? *bounce, bounce*

Well, of course i’m spending another long weekend with the Renegades, but it does fly by so fast! More music is heading our way, as we’re still pounding through the stuff we played through 3 weeks ago. Has it really only been 3 weeks?!?!?

Then SUPER BOWL PARTY on Sunday!! Whoohoo! Who will win? I dunno!! Who cares? There’s beer!!

And next weekend, the Chinese New Year’s Day Parade is upon us! We have wannabe “Renegades for a Day” coming out from across the U.S. just to come hang out with us!! How Cool is that? Cats are coming all the way out from Maine, New York, Florida, Kentucky, Las Vegas!! I know I can’t wait to meet everyone … it should definitely be good times!

Oh, and the afterparty is ALWAYS … um … well … pretty crazy. :)

So … quit your excuses folks … come check us out this weekend! You don’t have to come to play, but come to watch. I must warn you though: The music will suck you in …