A non-Camp Weekend

A non-Camp Weekend

Since we have no Camp this weekend. I went to enjoy some Trees, beaches, and nature in the wonderful part of Northern California Coast.

Here are some photos from Sea Ranch/Gualala Ca.

Thursday Night = Chevys + DCI at the movies

Don’t forget our DCI Classic Countdown pre-bash at Chevy’s near the Saratoga Six theater in San Jose. The show starts at 7:30, so come early to Chevy’s and have a good dinner, enjoy some lovely beverages and hang out with friends — while earning money for Renegades!

Chevy’s Fresh Mex Restaurant
1502 Saratoga Avenue
San Jose, CA 95129


We’re on the field!!

Renegades had the best weekend this past camp in Templeton. It was my first time in that part of California and it is breathtakingly beautiful everywhere you looked.

Saturday started out very nice and sunny. The guard was in the stadium which was wonderful since we had lights and nice grass to march on. Opener drill and work – DONE.

Because the guard got out a little bit early I made my way over to the theater/performing arts center to see the hornline. It’s sounding really nice!! I walked in just as James was working the hornline on the ballad – My Immortal. It’s short but extremely sweet. Love it!

Sunday’s weather forecast was not good. We woke up to rain and wind. Because we are an “all weather drumcorps” it was business as usual on the field. This time we worked Jazz Police, the second song of the show. The weather gods like drumcorps (well this time anyways). It was windy but the skies slowly cleared all day and we had another wonderful day of drill!!

After doing 2 run throughs at the end of rehearsal it was smiles all around. We are ready and its time to “get serious.”

Camp Incredible!!

That was exactly what this past Camp was about. Here we are, the San Francisco Renegades traveling a few hundred Miles to Templeton California. Some of having to deal with slow drivers and some crazy drivers and of course those darn Corvettes. Yes everyone I got “corvetted” hehe.. Anyways.. Again, this camp seriously woke up my Drum Corps Bone. I thought I was seriously losing it for a while but after this weekend, I would seriously drive 200miles to go back to practice (if camp was in Templeton again).

Everyone in the Drum Corps Community will see something fresh and cool this year. And as a performer.. I had never felt anything this good before so early in the season.

The drill is coming out freakin awesome, the Guard was just fabulous, the percussion was hacking away with enjoyment, and the Horn Line is surely growing as a single entity!
I am very excited about this Evil season and I hope that I am able to share this with other new faces in the corps. I can’t wait to learn MORE drill at next camp.
Maybe another sequel.. “Camp Incredible II” then wait for “Camp Incredible VII

Evil Camp Report on Blog 7

Looking forward to camp this weekend!!!!!