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The Crowd Favorite:

Once again The Renegades take to The Streets of San Francisco for the 2003 Southwest Airlines Chinese New Year Parade.  The Renegades played in Lunar Year 4701, Year of the Sheep, with sprinkles at their backs. Huge crowds cheered for the corps' rock solid performance of "In the Stone."

Flaming Eagle

Our new "baby" the San Francisco Flag! You can't be the Official Drum Corps of San Francisco without the flag!

Monty Hall's Brother

Monty's brother, supervisor for the infamous District 7.


Baritone brass in abundance.

Go to parade.

Pooh Bear, Eeyore, Rabbit, Kanga, Owl, Roo, and Christopher Robin head towards the parade warm up area.

Dragon head

Look for this beautiful creature flying over head through the Red Skies at Night.

Jim Alberty (ex-BD Lead Bari, founder of Atlantic Guardian) and Jeff DeMello pose at The Most Beautiful Rehearsal Site in the WorldÖ in front of The Most Beautiful Skyline in the WorldÖ on The Most Beautiful Island in the WorldÖ discussing The Most Beautiful Drum Corps in the WorldÖ.

Honor Guard

The Renegades' own Honor Guard prepares for battle ... er... horsey poo.

Drum Warmup

The drumline practices for their dearly beloved #1 fan ... Tree (along with about 500 parade participants).

Jeff and Dawn

Buccaneer webmaster Jeff Zehner and his lovely wife Dawn joined Renegades for the day (and wisely zip to the airport just in time to get back to DC before the snow closed down the east coast).

The seven ladies of the horn line pose next to the "Butt"... er... "Wheel."

New member of Power Alley™, Jared Watrous shows us his skills on the horn!  His proud father, Visual Guru Dave Watrous keeps whispering "play a Contra Bass".  But that will have to wait until Jared is larger than the Contra!

From Denver, Maine, DC, Southern California, Erie, and "points east", here are our fantastic "stand-in" Renegades.  They may not be with us all the time in person ... but they traveled many miles to become part of our hearts.  Thank You!

Note: Due to pending "stardom" we cannot reveal the identity of one of the guard pictured here (who wasn't actually a "stand-in", but a "real" Renegade).

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