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The Renegades invited the drum corps community to join us for the Chinese New Year Parade in San Francisco. And they all showed up! There were representatives from Caballeros, Brigadiers, Empire Statesmen, Minnesota Brass, Buccaneers, Govenaires, Gulf Coast Sound, SoCal Dream, Tremendous Blast and a contingent of 12 from Seattle's own Brass from the Past! From the 10am call to last call at Chevy's, the Renegades welcomed 40 new members - for a day that we'll all remember.

We warmed up in the middle of Market Street.

Recruiting for a feeder corps?

Roland and Chuck haven't quite figured out how to wear their scarves...

Wilt (Renegades) and Wilt (Mighty St. Joes)

Veronica, Stu and Karen git spinnin'

"Chopper" Chan always gets camera time at this parade!

Ready to Rock, Ready to Roll!.

Frank Dorritie showing us all how it's done.

Chris gets the Baris tuned up.

The Sacramento Mandarins are always crowd favorites at this parade.

Paparazzi!! Renegade Filmer Jay Lee was there to record all the action.

Chinese New Year Media

• Television Coverage
• Video by Jay Lee
• Slideshow
• Photos by Rob Brown
Renegade for a Day Intros

An impromptu runthrough of the opening from our 2004 Show drew a huge crowd.

82 horns circled up to blow Chris' brains out with Space Chords and Tuning Sequences.

LisaMeesa and Kanika welcome veteran Patrick back for the parade.

Tats, Roland and Rich - getting ready!

Batman, Batmom, Batdad.

Joe Pero of the Empire Statesmen works on his arrangement of Lucretia McEvil.

Al tries to looks casual with 40 pounds of metal on his shoulder.

Batmom shows son John a few things.

Doug teaches his son Kyle the ways of the Lead Soprano "Now when everyone else cuts off, you keep playing"

Brass from the Past came to SF in force!

Fix your radio!

Dave sets the block!

162 strong, the Renegades hit the reviewing stands. HARD.

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