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9/1/01, SYRACUSE, NY: As the first California Drum Corps ever to attend DCA, the Renegades have won the coveted 2001 DCA Minicorps Championship with a score of 97.8. Our thanks to the great people of DCA and the fans in Syracuse that supported us - especially our friends from Mighty Saint Joe's.


Evil carnage commences as the Renegades 2001 Minicorps astounds the crowd with Seven, Mambo and One More Time, Chuck Corea.

Renegades and Ghost Riders get together with the Legendary Ken Norman after the annual playing of Auld Ang Syne.

"Thank you DCA for an experience we'll never forget!"

Ghost Riders and Renegades became great friends over the weekend.

Not only did the minicorps have a great time performing, everyone also made many, many new friends in our new senior corps family.

Black Renegades jackets were a guaranteed way to meet new friends. Countless people thanked us for coming out east and wished us luck in the future. "Bring the whole corps next year and really shake things up." was the phrase of the day.

Joe shows us his medal and his equipment for the minicorps' exciting beer-ripple finale.

We play now. The Renegades joined everyone on stage for Auld Lang Syne.

Room 418 was the center of Evil for a night of celebration after minicorps competition.

A foggy camera lens, cases of beer and a major lesson in partying from those rock'n Mighty St. Joe's. We tried, but the Renegades simply couldn't keep up with such hardcorps senior corps partiers.

Chris Nalls can now add drill-writing to his long resume. Intricate drill with perfect staging helped present the Evil ones in their best possible light.

Renegades walk into PC Stadium for their first exciting taste of 2001 senior corps.

Seconds after this picture of Tom Peashey and the Renegades was taken, an evil downpour flooded the fairgrounds following the Friday night standstill.

Greg and Chris are enthralled by Tom's colorful senior corps stories.

Prime seats during DCA finals (thanks again Tom) meant the judges looked at Renegades jackets during the entire show.

Once again, Renegades wish to thank Mighty St. Joe's and especially Ben Wilt and family for providing/transporting drums for the weekend.

Tom begins the ceremony with an emotional tribute to Jason Lowe, bringing special meaning to the CorpsVets' Class A victory performance.

RAMDies meet the charming, yet evil, Chris Nalls.

"Surfers in Renegades? We surf the web!" Chris Nalls responds during an interview with Drum Corps World.

What Heat Wave lacked in size, they made up for with excellence and volume. What an awesome Baritone line!

The Grenadiers travelled from Canada to wow the crowd with an exciting, fast-moving performance.

Minnesota Brass were cool and collected while they blasted through a dynamite musical book built on music from James Bond movies.

You could feel the electricity from the moment the Cabs entered the stadium. This corps knows how to perform! When people say, "You gotta see it to believe it," they are talking about the Caballeros.

A front stage bar, incredible screaming soloists and Frank Sinatra's exit in a cloud, Empire Statesmen were a class act from top to bottom.

Before leaving retreat, Bucaneers play their wonderful musical show for a cheering Brigadiers. An emotional moment for all.

First place Brigadiers featured a mesmerizing drill, outrageously great color guard and a wall of sound horn line. These guys ROCK!

Gino conducts the Brigadiers horn line in a stirring choral before their final standstill performance.

The view is pretty damn good in the middle of the Brigadiers horn arc during their victory concert.

The final retreat was a wonderful spectacle of color and sound. All that was missing was a bit more black and a lot more evil.

This the stands. Next year....the view is better from the field.

Mission accomplished. Off to bed to dream about DCA 2002.

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