Fan Mail

“I think that the Renegades are the best “product” in either association (DCI or DCA). They have made a major contribution to the entertainment end of the business while loosening some sphincters along the way.”

Wayne Ford

Camp at Del Mar this weekend

The corps will be putting the show on the field, starting this weekend!

Del Mar High School
1224 Del Mar Avenue
San Jose, CA 95128-3572

March 13-14

Saturday 10-10

Reserve your spot today by sending an email to or just show up and introduce yourself.

“What you have done with Renegades is nothing short of phenomenal.”
–Nikk Pilato

Dave Glyde + John Meehan + Renegades = Excitement!

We just got the battery parts to the Jetsons, and they fit the brass parts like a glove! We can’t wait to hear what Larrie Dastrup and our amazing soloists will add to this one. Want to hear a sample? Click the link below to hear a computer rendition of what is sure to be a fan favorite this summer.

Jetsons – Renegades 2010

Chinese New Year Parade is this weekend!

Woo hoo!  Chinese New Year Parade is this weekend!  Gong hoy fat choy!

Join us in the parade — cheer for us on the street — or see us on local TV!

See you in the parade!

Renegades are Selling Stuff

The Renegades have cleaned out their closets, threw away some stuff, and are selling the rest!! Everything that is AVAILABLE NOW is posted on our new RENEGADES STUFF FOR SALE blog …

Please stop by and check out the stuff. We loves this stuff, and we know you will too!!

Some of the horns on this site are designated SCVanguard collectors items! Look for the phrase:
“This horn was used in competition by the DCI champion Santa Clara Vanguard in the 1970s and 1980s. Don’t miss your opportunity to own a piece of drum corps history!”

Please help us find forever homes for our stuff!

It’s Camp Weekend at Milpitas High School

We still have openings for new members – plan to join us for camp this weekend! Our 2010 Show, Renegade Planet: A Space Opera, is going to be great, and we will be learning more of the musical show and beginning to put it together. We will also be preparing for the Chinese New Year Parade, which all are invited to attend.

Reserve your spot today by sending an email to or just show up and introduce yourself.

Milpitas High School
1285 Escuela Parkway
Milpitas, CA 95035

January 30-31

Saturday 10-10
Sunday 10-4

Don’t miss your chance to be part of the corps that moved one of our fans to comment, “with the Renegades, the onlookers aren’t just observing, they are participating. We get that feeling anyway, of being a part of the show. From the first note, we are sucked in.”

Frank Dorritie Visits the Renegades

Drum Corps Legend and Grammy Award Winning Producer Frank Dorritie visited the Renegades Brass section at our Camp this past weekend, delivering a stirring talk on the subject of presence and power.

Thanks, Frank!!