Prelims Hut!

PAETEC Park – earlier this afternoon

After the best rehearsal and run-through of the season, we are taking a brief break before heading to the stadium for DCA Preliminary Competition!!

Our souvie crew has been set up since early o’clock this morning.

Prop and Pit Crew have been assembled.

The weather is gorgeous; sunny and not too humid with a nice breeze … and a beautiful 79 degrees.

The Paetec Stadium field is a beautifully green, real-turf field,

All great things setting us up for perfect show conditions this evening.

Had a GREAT TIME at I&E’s last night!! Have to wish a special “RIGHT ON!!” to Sam Rabourn and Brian Sears who won 1st and 2nd in Mallet Individuals, and Dan Owens who won 2nd in Soprano Solos, and 3rd in Mellophone Solos (out of 20+). Great Job to all of our I&E Performers of the evening who performed and represented the corps throughout the evening!

The best part about I&E’s is saying “HI” to all of our friends we have made through the year … Great seeing all of you there!!

Off to the races … wish us plenty of luck!



Three Men and a Train …

3 bass drummers have decided to take the four day scenic route from sf to rochester. we’ll post updates and pictures below from “america’s best train ride”


We Have Arrived!


Union Station – Chicago, IL


Well we finally made it here to Chicago. We were five hours late, so our six hour adventure of downtown was limited to grabbing a bite to eat within our terminal. The important thing is were here in one piece, and in time for our connecting train. We should be pulling out any minute, and arriving into Rochester shortly before eleven am.

so goodnight from the Lakeshore limited train, we’ll see ya in the morning.

Rainy Rails in Iowa

Not that it really matters since we’re completely inside, but when we woke up this morning in Nebraska we were greated by rains and flash floods.

I started to write a blog last night about our impromptu “dinner show” that involved a drunk 72 year old man getting hog tied after calling FBI agents “fake nazi cops”,and then deciding it would be a good idea to try and kick them. Lets just say he didn’t quite make it to chicago, and the Denver police greeted him at our next stop. Great story.

We’re 356 miles from Chicago now, due to arrive around eight.

Home of the Corn Huskers!
Rainy Iowa

There’s Another Journey Going on

We wanted to give some quick love to to another group of guys making the trip cross country. The vehicle named the contrabego has been pushing hard since the end of practice sunday, due to arrive tomorrow . They haven’t had it as easy as we have, but im sure they have had just as much fun. They have been hauling all our gear, and we really appreciate it,

safe travels boys.

Contrabego on the Move

(you may need to tilt your head to the left for this one!)