Renegades board of directors name Keith Potter as corps director

The board of directors of the San Francisco Renegades is excited to announce that Keith Potter has been chosen Corps Director for Renegades 2014.

“Since 2003, Keith has been an exemplary member, on and off the field,” said Raymond Sanchez, acting board president.

The Renegades board of directors, who voted unanimously, were not the only people in the organization enthusiastic about the news.

“I think the board made the right decision. He is not only a longtime member, but more importantly he knows and loves the corps,” said Rich Duarte, Brass Caption Head. “His positive, unrelenting attitude is exactly what the group needs. His motivation and dedication really is representative of the group we both love. People come to the Renegades for a reason, and Keith understands those reasons.”

When the board announced it’s decision to the candidates, Potter seemed poised and ready to take up the mantle of director. “I’m very excited about being selected as the new corps director,” Potter said, “and can’t wait to help usher in a new era of the San Francisco Renegades.”